FRANK WALLS illustration & sculpture
What's New

9.18.2014 - It's been awhile! I've been very fortunate to get tons of work over the past few months. Here's one of the images I've recently finished. It's one of 13 illustrations for an upcoming book being published by Dark Renaissance. After I get a few more done I'll post them.

4.10.2014 - Back with some new stuff! First off, check out the Patreon project I've started by clicking the image below. Patreon is a really cool crowd funding site for various creative projects. It allows you to become a patron to an artist and support their work over time rather than just running a quick campaign through something like Kickstarter. Check out the page and see what I'm working on! There are a lot of cool rewards available if you want to support the project.

I've got some other projects in the works and I look forward to posting them soon. In the meantime here's a cover I just finished up for Adam Cesare's book Zero Live Remaining due out soon from Shock Totem Publishing.

1.16.2014 - Well the Kickstarter campaign did not reach its goal, but that's okay. I'll be back with another one in a few months! In the meantime here's a recent painting I finished up for Shane McKenzie's upcoming anthology Blood, Slime, Sex and Chinese Food. I've also added a bunch of original art, sculptures, and prints for sale in the store.

9.10.2013 - I've noticed a lot of traffic has been coming to my site in search of the Tile Maker 1.3 utility I used to
have on here. Unfortunately I removed it. However, the good news is that I'm almost finished with version 2.0! The new
version will have everything built into one interface and support keyboard commands to rotate items. When it's finished
I will put it up on the Project Zero website (link on the left side). I also have some other cool products that I'm trying to
finish up in the next month or so. One of which will be a 3-D dungeon set. Anyway, check out the Tile Maker 2.0 preview!

8.26.2013 - This is the B&W underpainting for a new piece for Thunderstorm Books. It's a wrap-around cover done in
acrylics with collaged newspaper for the background and text. Check out the illustration section to see the finished piece.

7.10.2013 - A new website! It's not finished, but you can take a look around at a few of the things I've posted so far.
The store section isn't up yet, but there are a few things under illustration and sculpture to look at. Below is my section
in the art show at the World Horror Convention in New Orleans. Had a great time and met a lot of awesome people.

Progress shot and a detail of a large painting I've been working on.
This one is big - it measures approximately 3 x 6 feet.