• Image 25

    Its lies were everywhere, drawing lines of blood between the bones of the world.

  • Image 24

    Their pleas for food and shelter were met with guns and god.

  • Inktober Continued

    I missed a few days in the middle of October, but inspiration hit me for a whole new series of pieces. These are pieces about life, the world, etc. Each image has a short piece of poetry to go along with it. My hope is to publish these in a book at some point in the future. Here are a few. I will post them all eventually. If you want to see them as they're completed you can follow/friend me on Facebook.

    She fed on the red words of lust and longing. And as they filled the emptiness
    inside her they poured from the hole where there once was a heart.

    She was born into a lie and then inherited the apocalypse they secretly made her future from.

    Whenever she stretched the pain would reach out of her back, trapping the world around her.

  • Inktober!

    I've been participating in the #inktober2018 challenge this year, and my goal is to get at least one drawing a day finished. These, and any others will be available to purchase after October 31st. If you're interested in getting one of these please email me at fwalls@frankwalls.net for prices and availability. Most drawings will be selling for around $30.


  • New Website

    Updating the website because the old one is outdated.