• Inktober 2019

    It's Inktober! I haven't had time to do an image everyday, so I'm just doing them when I can. Here's one of them. This is mindless, from the official prompt list.

  • My Pretties Cover Art

    It's been a long time since I posted! I finished this a few weeks ago. This is the cover painting for Jeff Strand's My Pretties from Thunderstorm Books.

  • Ferocious

    Painting for the book cover of Jeff Strand's Ferocious. The painting is also for sale on the store page.

  • Chess Set

    Spent a lot of time over the past month working on this chess set. The pieces and board are all custom made. Sets without the board are available for sale. Please contact me if you're interested in purchasing a set.

  • Jackalope

    A recent commission. 9x12 inches acrylic on wood panel. Interested in owning some original art? I'm currently taking commisions. Message me with your idea and I will get back to you.