Wolf Hunt 3 Cover

    Just finished this cover for Jeff Strand's Wolf Hunt 3 book from Dark Regions Press. This is limited edition version that should be on sale soon! As always all original are for sale even if they're not on the store page. Just send a message if you're interested in purchasing an original painting.

    Acrylic on masonite



    Patrick Kirby says (Feb 23, 2020):

    One of the top 3 that I'd want on my walls. (No pun). This might completely defy the artist's intention or feeling, but to me, this 'thing' gets my attention as being the most creepy, violent, feared, dangerous damn little thing, I could possibly dream. It's so foul that it's making the wolf enraged cause it won't get out of it's head. A nightmare I've had. Love the creepy shape & form of what I see is the focal point. It won't go away..lol

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